The Macklin Family & Friends Reunion

Celebrate our second family reunion in Durham, North Carolina (July 29-31, 2016)

Dear family members &friends:

The 2016 Macklin family reunion committee is very pleased to announce the up-coming Macklin

Family Reunion. Here are some of the tentative plans of our second reunion. We have noticed

that our family has grown in size and so this is our attempt to get everyone together, share our

history, and create new memories.

We are honored to plan and host our family reunion in North Carolina, and hope this will be an

on-going event. We will work hard to put together a weekend of exciting activities and

entertainment that all will enjoy.

We have limited the activities for Friday, July 29, 2016, so everyone can have some free time to

get aquatinted with the area shopping mall, restaurants, and other interests in the area; and

spend time with whomever they please. We have also planned one meal each night where we

can all get together and (hopefully) catch up.

Durham is a great central location for our family as it serves as a midpoint for most that still live

in the southern area, and convenient for those traveling from the northern areas. In addition to

being located right next to Raleigh, the Capital of North Carolina, Durham has many fun

activities and offerings, such as the Carolina Theater, Performing Arts Theater, AMC- Sixteen-

screen, stadium-style multiplex with digital surround sound and a full IMAX Theater, The

Museum of Life and Science, and so much more! As always, please do not hesitate to contact

us with any suggestions. Everyone will be notified when we finalize plans. Some tentative plans

are attached, but subject to change due to availability.


Your Family Reunion Planning Committee

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